Passerby jumps through car window feet-first to stop erratic motorist in Albania

A passerby has been hailed a hero after jumping through a car window feet first to stop an erratic motorist in Albania. 

The silver car was filmed reversing at speed in the middle of a public square in Tirana, the country's capital city. 

In the video, members of the public are seen trying to stop the vehicle - but it's only when one man leaps into the air and karate kicks the driver through an open window, that the car eventually comes to a halt. 

Albanian state police said on Sunday the driver, a 32-year-old man, had risked people's lives. In a statement posted on Facebook, police said the public helped to stop the man so he could be arrested. 

No one was injured in the incident, police said. The alleged offender was also believed to be under the influence of drugs. 

"[An] investigative group is at the scene and working to fully clarify the circumstances of the event," the statement said.

Facebook commenters meanwhile praised the "hero" passerby for acting "without thinking twice".

"He saved people's lives," one said.

"Need guys like him in the police," another wrote.