Person who breached Brisbane airport green zone tests positive for COVID-19

A traveller from Papua New Guinea who breached Brisbane airport's green zone has tested positive for COVID-19.

The person had contact with travellers on three flights to New Zealand.

The three flights affected are Air New Zealand NZ202 from Brisbane to Christchurch which arrived around 4:30pm on Thursday, Air New Zealand NZ146 from Brisbane to Auckland which arrived at 5:30pm and Qantas QF135 from Brisbane to Christchurch.

The breach occurred at the Hudson Café, where two individuals were there at the same time as green zone passengers.

Queensland Health told the Ministry of Health on Thursday - before the person tested positive - the risk to the public is considered low as both travellers were wearing face masks. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters on Friday officials consider it to "present a relatively low risk" to travellers.

"I think it just demonstrates again just how important it is on both sides that we had put a lot of work into the arrangements... From time to time we are going to have to manage situations where there may be lapses."

Green zones are areas of the airport where only travellers from New Zealand or Australia can go. Red zone areas include travellers from all over the world, including COVID-19 hotspots. 

The aim is to keep quarantine free travellers separate from passengers arriving from countries with COVID-19.