Prince Philip: Queen shares heartwarming 'private' photo of Duke ahead of funeral

The couple can be seen grinning and enjoying their holiday.
The couple can be seen grinning and enjoying their holiday. Photo credit: Twitter - @RoyalFamily

The Queen is sharing a glimpse into her and Prince Philip's private life ahead of his funeral with a never-before-seen holiday snap of the couple in 2003. 

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, died aged 99 last week and his funeral - a ceremonial royal funeral rather than a state funeral - will be held entirely at Windsor Castle at 1:41am on Sunday NZT.

The "private" photo comes in a series of tributes to the Duke of Edinburgh posted to the Royal Family's Twitter account on Saturday. 

"The Queen wishes to share this private photograph taken with The Duke of Edinburgh at the top of the Coyles of Muick, Scotland in 2003," the photo is captioned. 

In the shot, captured by Sophie Countess of Wessex, the Queen and Prince Philip are sitting in a field, relaxed and smiling. It's a more casual look at the pair who became the first Royal couple to celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary in 2017.

The Coyles of Muick, where the photo was taken, is a place of significance for the Queen. It's Her Majesty's favourite holiday spot, so much so she named her newest corgi puppy after the area, reports The Sun. 

In another post, the Royal Family said Prince Philip was a "loving husband and devoted father, grandfather and great-grandfather". 

"The Queen and The Duke's enduring marriage has seen them support each other through many years of Royal duties and raising a family together," the tribute reads alongside images of the family through the years. 

Then Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten and Princess Elizabeth's engagement was announced in July 1947 and the couple were married on November 20 1947. 

The Queen has also released her first solo statement following the Duke's death. 

"A poignant 'I'; the first of what will be many solo statements from the now widowed queen," royal commentator Anna Whitelock wrote to Twitter. 

The statement is regarding volcanic eruptions in southern Caribbean island nation Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

"I have been saddened by the destruction and major disruption caused by volcanic eruptions in recent days," it reads. 

"My prayers will remain with the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines at this very difficult time."

Queen Elizabeth returned to work just four days after the death of her husband.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in the UK, the Queen will be seated apart from her family during quite possibly one of the most difficult events of her life, Prince Philip's funeral. 

The 30 guests will be socially distanced throughout St George's Chapel and spaced by household.

In a personal twist, the Duke of Edinburgh's coffin will be carried by his own modified Land Rover. 

Coverage of the Duke's funeral will begin on Three at 11:30pm on Saturday, you can also watch on ThreeNow.