Protesters slam 'white men' owners of Mexican restaurant, tell customers to 'stay out of New York'

Protesters have been captured on camera chanting about the "white men" owners of a New York city Mexican food restaurant, telling customers to "stay the f**k outta New York".

The incident took place on Tuesday night (local time), just hours after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of George Floyd's murder.

Newsweek reported emotions were "running high" as protesters took to the streets of downtown Brooklyn and midtown Manhattan.

Video shared on social media showed protesters outside the restaurant called Maya Taqueria.

"Stay the f**k out of New York!," they can be heard chanting. "We don't want you here. We don't want your f***ing money".

One demonstrator chanted, "We don't want your f***ing taquerias… owned by f***ing white men," before others called out for customers to "tip 30 percent".

The New York Post reported the taqueria is owned by David Nasser, 50, who has previously said he opened the restaurant as he missed the taquerias of his hometown San Francisco.

Nasser has reportedly previously said that he spent many years perfecting the craft of Mexican-style cooking with his family. It is not clear what his heritage is.

Approached by the Post about the incident, one worker said: "We have nothing to say about that at all."

Some social media users have been left confused by the protest, saying the restaurant is "really not the problem".

"I can assure you the people who own family-owned Maya Taqueria want them there, and their food is delicious. Leave them the f**k alone," one person said.

"So they clearly don't know anything about the Mexican-American family that owns and operates Maya Taqueria," another said.