UK man receives iPhone in online grocery shop thanks to supermarket promotion

Apple iPhone.
The man received a welcome surprise in his weekly shop. Photo credit: Getty Images

A UK man got more than he bargained for when he received an Apple iPhone in his grocery order.

Nick James shared a post on Twitter thanking local supermarket chain Tesco for the "little surprise".

When he went in-store to pick up his click and collect shopping, James discovered the apples he ordered had been swapped for an Apple iPhone SE.

Even better for James - it was all part of Tesco's plan. The new promotion by Tesco Mobile surprises shoppers by switching their groceries with luxury items.

"Ordered some apples? You might find an Apple iPhone SEO in there," Tesco said in a promotional post.

"Have some laundry tablets in our load? There could be a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 or that gnocchi you were going to rustle up could be a Nokia."

Eagle-eyed Twitter users had one question - what about the apples he originally ordered?

"Don't worry - the grub is delivered too," Tesco replied.