US CEO caught on camera harassing boy for wearing a dress

US CEO caught on camera harassing boy for wearing a dress
Photo credit: Jacob Geittmann/Twitter Dalton Stevens/Instagram

The CEO of a Tennessee telemedicine company is denying claims he harassed a teenager who wore a dress to prom, despite the interaction being caught on camera.  

Dalton Stevens, 18, told NBC News he was taking pictures with his boyfriend Jacob Geitmann when the VisuWell CEO Sam Johnson approached the couple and told him he looked like an 'idiot.'

The High Schooler told the outlet, he chose to wear a dress to his prom to 'prove clothing is really genderless' and that it has no meaning. 

Stevens said he was shocked when the man began acting 'homophobic' as he was taking photos with his boyfriend. 

Stevens said Johnson then approached the couple and asked why Stevens was wearing a dress, the outlet reported. 

"I think I look good in it and that I really like the dress and I want to show that clothing is genderless, " Stevens responded to Johnson. 

Stevens claimed Johnson continued to follow them and call him names. 

During the confrontation, Johnson allegedly said to the teenager that he has "hair on your chest, you shouldn't be wearing a dress". 

Stevens' boyfriend decided to record the confrontation and post it on social media. 

The VisuWell CEO accused the teenager of editing the recording before posting it online. 

In the video posted to TikTok, Johnson was asked if he thought that the teenager looked 'disgusting' to which the CEO responded that he does. 

Johnson notices Geitmann is recording the video and tries to knock the phone out of his hand but accidentally hits Stevens. 

Officers responded to the incident and asked Johnson to leave the premises but are not investigating the event as only hotel management called the police, Daily News reported. 

According to the outlet, the couple can pursue the matter with the police if they choose to do so. 

VisuWell announced its Board of Directors decided to fire Johnson from his role as CEO on April 27.