US man bowls perfect game after filling bowling ball with his father's ashes

US man bowls perfect game after filling bowling ball with his father's ashes
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A US bowling champion "had goosebumps" when he bowled the highest score possible with a ball filled with his father's ashes. 

Two-time NCAA bowling champ John Hinkle said he's bowled several 300-point games in his career, but none like this one, Central Illinois Proud reported. 

"I had tears in my eyes in the 11th and 12th frames. I couldn't tell you where that last ball went, I had so many tears just throwing it," Hinkle told the television station. 

Hinkle was introduced to bowling by his father, who died in 2016. To pay tribute, Hinkle decided to have the thumb hole of his ball filled with his father's ashes. Hinkle, who specialises in a two-hand technique, cannot have three fingers in the ball. 

According to the outlet, it took a few years for Hinkle to find someone who could do the special modification, but once it was filled, Hinkle told his brother he was going to bowl the highest score with the ball. 

Both Hinkle brothers told the television station the game was an accomplishment to be proud of, as their father had never shot a 300 - the highest score - before. 

In a Facebook post immediately following his 12-strike streak, Hinkle said he couldn't express what the night meant to him. 

"It's special. Dad shot 298, 299 - never had a 300. I had goosebumps, chills," Hinkle said. "He was there."

Hinkle, who helped one Illinois University win an Intercollegiate Bowling championship in 2002, is now a school counselor.