US officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbit during Capitol riots won't face charges

A police officer who fatally shot a woman during the Capitol riots on January 6 won't face charges. 

Ashli Babbit was shot dead after she attempted to force her way into the Capitol building. The 35-year-old Air Force veteran was shot in the left shoulder and died later that same day. 

An investigation by the US Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia found there was inadequate evidence to prove Babbitt's civil rights were breached and claimed it was fair to conclude the officer was acting in self-defence, according to Fox News

The outlet reported prosecutors reviewed footage of the shooting, statements from multiple officers, witnesses, physical evidence and autopsy results.  

The Washington Post reported Babbitt's brother, Roger Witthoeft was not pleased prosecutors did not charge the officer. 

"In my eyes, everyone should stand before a jury to face justice. That decision shouldn't be made behind the scenes. I think he should at least stand trial," Witthoeft told the outlet. 

The officer's attorney praised his client for his efforts to protect the Capitol and said his bravery was nothing short of heroic. 

Federal prosecutors charged at least eight other protestors who were around Babbitt when she was shot. 

Four Pro-Trump protestors died after they stormed through a section of the Capitol building where Congress members were sheltered during the riot.  

The riots were in response to former US President Donald Trump losing the 2020 election.  

A San Diego native, Babbitt served in the US Air Force for 12 years and was an avid supporter of Trump and his efforts to stay in office, according to ABC7.