Australian butcher shop burglar spends hour cooking meat, making Milo before stealing cash

An Australian man who broke into a Melbourne butcher shop hung around to have a "cook up" and a glass of Milo before running away with hundreds of dollars in cash.

The abnormal robbery occurred on April 5 when the man, who was aged in his 40s or 50s, broke into Marshall's Quality Meats in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston.

But CCTV footage showed the man lingered in the store for over an hour where he cooked meat and made himself a drink, store manager Scott Little told 3AW radio.

He said he found "pretty much everything everywhere" when he went to open the shop the next day.

"There was a frying pan with food and I thought 'Oh, he's having a bit of a cook up!'" he said.

"Then I realised some funny bugger has decided to jump in the shop and play butcher. He cooked up some porterhouse, some pork cutlets. He tried to smoke some beef ribs, put some mignons into the oven," Mr Little said.

"He just made a mess really. He was there for a good hour to hour-and-a-half. He even made himself a Milo! I don't think he ate anything though."

Frankston Police confirmed the incident in a statement on Monday.

"A male offender has entered a store and has cooked and smoked meat inside the shop, before stealing approximately AU$410 cash. A Holden car key was also stolen and was later found a few hundred metres from the premises."

Police are currently investigating the incident and urged anyone with information to get in touch.