Australian woman gets ominous warning to 'make the most of next 3 years' after requesting refund from psychic

Psychic medium Amanda Molloy.
Psychic medium Amanda Molloy. Photo credit: Amanda Molloy/ Facebook

An Australian woman has been left anxious after a high-profile psychic sent her a message that alluded to her only having years to live after asking for a refund.

New South Wales local Lauren Dent was told to "make the most of the next three years" because it is the "most important time left", 10 months on from requesting her deposit back from Amanda Molloy.

The 26-year-old had asked for her money back from the psychic medium after she was told Molloy was "too drained" to do a reading with her. 

Dent sent her bank account details to the psychic - but instead of sending the refund, Molloy suggested she book Dent in for another reading appointment.

The young woman declined her offer, insisting she just wanted a refund from Molloy, to which the medium sent an ominous response.

"I messaged you a few weeks ago to send it to you ask your bank details; you read it but never got back, strange, not a problem make the most of the next 3 years, most important time life, thanks (sic)."

Dent replied asking the medium what she meant by "most important time left", but Molloy stopped responding to her messages, leaving her with anxiety over what could happen to her in the next three years.

A friend of Dent shared screenshots of the conversation between Dent and Molloy on Facebook last week.

This isn't the first time Molloy has made headlines. In 2008, she attracted attention after claiming she had been kicked out of her local spiritualist church because her predictions were "too accurate".

Molloy is a well-known psychic whose clients reportedly include pop singer Cheryl Cole and the mother of murdered child Jamie Bulger.