Canada: TV network causes outrage after using photo of killer dad to promote family planning show

CTV Calgary segment
CTV Calgary segment Photo credit: Twitter/SCUBADubois

People are outraged after a Canadian TV network shared a portrait of a US dad and his family before he later murdered them to promote a show about family planning. 

CTV Calgary used the image to display a "happy family" for their segment. The photo included killer Chris Watts, his wife Shanann and two young daughters Bella and Celeste. 

Watts killed his pregnant wife by strangulation and then smothered his two daughters to death with a blanket before hiding the bodies. 

The show promotion displayed the family photo on the left of the screen and a list of "five things to consider as you financially prepare for parenthood," on the right-hand side. 

On November 19, 2018 Watts was sentenced to three consecutive and two concurrent life sentences after pleading guilty to the murders. 

Viewers of the TV network posted on social media after the segment airing their fury. 

Twitter users shared screengrabs and video footage of the mistake. 

"This morning on @CTVCalgary there was a segment discussing starting a family and financial planning. The stock footage uses a family portrait of Chris and Shanann Watts," one person wrote, adding, "Hmm? Ironic or just poor planning? *pun intended*."

"Doesn't anyone take the time to research what they're putting up?" another person said. 

"Holy crap, @CTVCalgary. Not a good look," a third person commented. 

CTV Calgary and the agency involved, Bromwich & Smith have apologised for the stuff up. 

One person who tagged the TV network in his tweet thanked the agency for recognising the mistake they had made. 

"Thank you for acknowledging the issue," the person tweeted. 

"Friends of ours were very close to Shanann and continue to struggle with the tragic loss."