Chinese university students jailed after scamming $25,000 from KFC

Chinese university students jailed after scamming $25,000 from KFC
Photo credit: Newshub

Five University students in China have been jailed after they scammed around NZ$25,000 from KFC by exploiting a glitch in the ordering app. 

A student named "Xu" discovered by using vouchers in the chain's app, before refunding them on Chinese social media WeChat, that he could place endless orders without paying for them, local media reported. 

Xu said he was "overjoyed" after he discovered the glitch and later decided to start a side hustle selling KFC at a discounted rate where he began making a profit. 

The student got four other classmates involved in the business where they used online software to make sales. 

Within 6 months the business had cost KFC'S parent company, Yum, $15,500. The other students' orders totalled between $1900 and $10,200. 

The People's Court of Xuhui District in Shanghai found all five students were guilty of fraud. 

Xu was sentenced to two years and six months in jail. The other students were jailed for two years to 15 months. 

In 2001, Eight people were charged with defrauding Mcdonald's for prizes.