Coronavirus: US anti-vaxxer arrested after driving SUV through vaccination tent

An American woman has been arrested after driving through a vaccination tent screaming "no vaccine".

The incident happened in Knoxville, Tennessee on Monday. Ignoring road cones and a check-in area, a woman drove her blue SUV straight into the tent, narrowly missing seven people.

Police on the scene said Virginia Christine Lewis Brown, 36, was travelling "at speed", ABC News reported.

"I have worked at this location multiple times over the past few months and the area is clearly marked with signs and cones to advise the public of the event," one wrote in an incident report.

"The driving behavior of Ms Brown, as she approached the tent and exited the tent towards the waiting area, caught my attention due to how quickly the vehicle was traveling through the area."

Workers in the tent, including health staff and members of the National Guard, thought Brown was there to kill them. 

"I was advised that they were within inches and feet of the vehicle as it came through the tent," one officer wrote. 

Police gave chase, and eventually pulled her over. She reportedly told them she was only going five miles an hour (8km/h), and "was not there for the vaccine".

"While traveling to the jail, Ms. Brown made several statements about wanting to protest the vaccine," the officer wrote. 

Brown has been charged with seven felony counts of reckless endangerment, and will appear in court in June. 

A recent poll found a quarter of Americans don't want to get vaccinated against COVID-19, which has already killed at least 592,000 of them.