Father of 151 children reveals his wives' strict sex regime, says he plans to have 1000 kids

  • 14/05/2021
Misheck Nyandoro, 66, describes his polygamy as a "project" to repopulate his country.
Misheck Nyandoro, 66, describes his polygamy as a "project" to repopulate his country.

An African father-of-151 has revealed the strict sex regime he and his 16 wives follow to maximise the amount of kids they have - and says he has no plans to slow down despite edging towards 70.

Misheck Nyandoro, from Mbire, Zimbabwe, describes his polygamy as a "project" to repopulate his country after the Rhodesian bush war, which ended more than 40 years ago.

A war veteran, Nyandoro saw many of his countrymen die at the hands of Rhodesian army while working as a medic for the Zimbabwe National Army in the 1970s, and vowed to replace them with as many children of his own as he could.

His project is going well so far. The 66-year-old already has 151 kids and 16 wives - from whom he is showered with gifts and meals - and he plans to accrue many more.

But it takes a lot of work. Nyandoro says he has a strict roster in place that sees him meet with four of his wives for sex each evening, he told Zimbabwe's The Herald.

"It is like crop rotation in farming. The next crop is a new crop, it brings new energy and new dynamics," he explained.

"I am not employed. My duty is to satisfy my wives. I know each of them personally and I satisfy them accordingly.

"The moment I see the next woman, she is a completely new person... I tune myself to her age and demands so that we operate from the same level. What I do with the young wives is not what I do with the elderly ones."

Two of Nyandoro's wives are pregnant again, and he plans to take another two or three wives in the coming months.

The children don't cause him much stress - as a war veteran, the government covers their school fees - and he wants to have many more yet.

"I have not stopped making babies - the sky is the limit. I have not stopped marrying either," he told The Herald.

"God allowing, I will go even up to 100 wives and maybe 1000 children. Western Europe has a big project to reduce Africa's population and I am against that."