Florida woman sneaks into high school, poses as student to hand out flyers for her Instagram

A picture taken on October 1, 2019 in Lille shows the logo of mobile app Instagram displayed on a tablet. (Photo by DENIS CHARLET / AFP) (Photo by DENIS CHARLET/AFP via Getty Images)

A Florida woman has been charged after sneaking into a high school in an attempt to gain more followers for her Instagram account. 

According to a police report, Audrey Nicole Francisquini walked right into American Senior High School in Miami on Monday dressed like a student, complete with a backpack and carrying a skateboard. 

Instead of going to class, the 28-year old woman took out her phone and began recording herself as she wandered the halls of the high school, distributing flyers promoting her Instagram account and telling students to follow her on social media.

A student who came into contact with Francisquini told WVSN she was showing off her Instagram feed, which featured videos and several images of her wearing a sinister red mask with pointy ears and black horns.

“It’s crazy. It’s very creepy,” the student said.

School security eventually grew suspicious and confronted Francisquini, but according to the arrest report, she maintained she was a student and said she was looking for the registration office.

But instead of making her way to registration, she continued to walk through the school halls and resumed handing out flyers. 

At one point, Francisquini allegedly approached a group of students and prevented them from going inside their classroom, WPLG reported.

School security confronted her again, but once more she refused to stop - and administration was advised of a 'potential threat on campus.'

Franciquini managed to evade both security and staff by leaving through a side exit leading to the faculty parking lot, but investigators were able to identify her through her Instagram account, and she was arrested at her home and taken into custody. 

She has now been charged with burglary, interference with an educational institution, and resisting an officer without violence. 

In addition to the three charges, the judge ordered Francisquini to stay away from the high school.

According to The Washington Post, Francisquini once worked as a police officer in DeKalb County, Georgia, but lost her job in 2017 when she was arrested and accused of hacking into another officer's social media accounts and posting nude images.