Greta Thunberg responds to 'pretty weird experience' of being fat-shamed by Chinese media

Greta Thunberg has called out China for fat-shaming her in a scathing article where she was mocked and labelled an "environmental princess".

In the article, published last week by the China Daily, a news outlet owned by the ruling communist party, the climate change activist was teased over her weight. 

"Although she claims to be vegetarian, judging from the results of her growth, her carbon emissions are actually not low," said the writer, Tang Ge.

Thunberg, 18, shared the article to Twitter on Saturday saying that being "fat-shamed" by Chinese state-owned media was a "pretty weird experience". 

"Being fat-shamed by Chinese state-owned media is a pretty weird experience even by my standards. But it’s definitely going on my resume."

The article was written in response to Thunberg's call for China to reduce its carbon emissions. 

Earlier this month the activist shared an article to Twitter explaining how China's annual emissions amassed to more than those of all developed nations combined in 2019. 

Despite China still being considered a developing nation, Thunberg urged the country to get its act together.

"Yes, China is still categorized as a developing nation by WTO, they manufacture a lot of our products and so on. But that's of course no excuse for ruining future and present living conditions. We can't solve the climate crisis unless China drastically changes course. 

"As CO2 emissions stay in the atmosphere up to 1000 years we of course need to look at historic emissions and in context to population and emissions per capita. And developed nations must lead so others can raise their living standards. As I say all the time."