Japanese doctors leading the charge over anti-Olympic movement

Japanese doctors have taken over the anti-Olympic movement.

Not just adding their voices to those calling for it to be cancelled but now leading the charge. 

"A medical group representing 6000 doctors is urging these games to be cancelled, the medical community in Japan says it is impossible to hold the games safely,"  CNN Tokyo correspondent Selina Wang said. 

The Olympic ideal might be all about promoting global unity but it doesn't feel much like that at the moment. 

There's been a furious backlash after an Olympic committee member said the Games will go ahead, even if Japan's COVID-19 crisis keeps Tokyo in a state of emergency. 

"It would possibly be a superspreader event. I think it's just not feasible. I think people are upset now not just with the Japanese government but the IOC, the arrogance it's willing to host the games in spite of overwhelming public opinion against," political scientist Koichi Nakano said. 

Mass vaccination sites have just opened this week and so far only two percent of the 126 million-strong population's been vaccinated. 

The United States has updated its travel warning - saying even if travellers have been fully vaccinated, they still risk getting and spreading COVID and shouldn't travel.

And New Zealand health officials are reviewing the risk for Kiwis on a weekly basis.

"We haven't made any decision on that at this point," COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said. 

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said, "We haven't provided such advice at the moment but obviously we'll be keeping a close eye on Japan."

A brand new venue's been built for skateboarding's Olympic debut.

The vast majority of locals want it, and all venues to remain empty not just for spectators but competitors too.

The clock is counting down to Tokyo's day of reckoning.