Port Arthur mass shooter accused of killing before deadly massacre

Fresh allegations have been revealed that the killer behind the worst mass shooting in Australia, could have killed before. 

On April 28 1996, 35 people in the town of Port Arthur were brutally shot dead by the then 25-year-old Martin Bryant. 

Bryant's rampage went from the Seascape Hotel to the Broadarrow cafe. 

"All of a sudden these loud bangs came from the kitchen. Bryant came out and just started shooting," a witness said. 

Another witness said the killer "got out of the car and put the gun up to Lynette and she said please don't hurt my babies."

A channel 7 investigation, 25 years on, has found the 35 people murdered on April 28, 1996 might not have been Bryant's first victims. 

It is alleged one of his first victims before the mass shooting could have been his wealthy older friend Helen Harvey who died in a car crash. 

Bryant's neighbour Marian Larner told Newshub she had suspicions about the car accident. 

"When she died he inherited all her money and he would have like that."

Larner wasn't the only one with suspicions regarding the crash, Harvey's neighbour Barry Featherstone said "[Harvey] was telling us how he [Bryant] would grab the steering wheel and put her off the road..and one of these days that little bastard's going to kill me."

A year later, Bryant's father went missing and was declared a suicide. 

Yet again, Larner was not convinced. 

"After [his] father went missing and I didn't know he was missing, he came out and spoke to me and said I have to tell you something. I know where he is," Larner said. 

As for uncovering the alleged motive, 7News Spotlight reporter Denham Hitchcock highlighted the will of Bryant's father "in the event of the death, he leaves the investment fund to Martin."

"This is the will of Helen Harvey...she leaves [the] farm to Martin...names Martin's father Maurice as the trustee," Hitchcock reported. 

Bryant, now aged 54 has currently served 25 years behind bars and will remain there until he dies.