South Australian police crack down on 'idiotic' gender reveal burnouts

Gender reveal burnout
Gender reveal burnout Photo credit: 9News

Police in South Australia are cracking down on "idiotic" gender reveal parties involving burnouts.

They say there is "no excuse" after several dangerous videos of the act appeared on social media. 

One video broadcast on Facebook shows a gold Ford sedan circling on a public road as special tyres launch pink smoke into the air. Onlookers, including children, can be seen standing just metres away from the vehicle to watch the burnout. 

Local Police Minister Vincent Tarzia claimed the reckless behaviour was endangering people's lives. 

"These people should be ashamed of themselves," he told 9 News. "This is absolutely idiotic, moronic behaviour. Somebody could have been killed here. So much could have gone wrong."

Police told the outlet they are communicating with several people behind the video, and can expect to face the "full force of the law."

In December 2018, another gender reveal burnout in South Australia went wrong after the tyres caught fire midway through the event. 

Residents in the area told 7 News they were not impressed with the act, as they were worried the burnout could have sparked a fire in the dry area.