Sydney court reveals what Ron Brierley told police about child sex abuse images

Ron Brierley will find out his fate for possessing thousands of images of child sex abuse in August. 

The former New Zealand knight pleaded guilty to three of 17 charges relating to child sexual abuse material possession in Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court in April. The remaining charges were withdrawn. 

His case was called before the Sydney court on Friday to agree to a statement of facts, although he did not appear in person.

In December 2019, Brierley was arrested at Sydney Airport after flying into the country from Fiji.

Authorities searched his luggage and found laptops and USBs with concerning images on them. A search of his Sydney home later that afternoon revealed more than 46,000 images.

When asked by police, Brierley told them: "I reckon they're all, they're perfectly okay". 

He said he understood those photographed were aged between 8 and 19 years old.

The photos include images of young girls posing in bikinis by the pool, modelling in different outfits and in sexualised poses. Many of the images are too graphic to detail. 

He will be sentenced in Sydney on August 20.