US 16yo girl's note to father after man on plane allegedly makes unwanted sexual advances

The girl was travelling with her father who was seated nearby.
The girl was travelling with her father who was seated nearby. Photo credit: Getty Images

A quick-thinking US teenage girl has saved herself from a man seated next to her on a flight by using the notes feature on her phone. 

Arizona man Kepueli Talaiasi, 58, is alleged to have sexually touched the 16-year-old girl "several times" on the flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Anchorage, Alaska, according to the US Attorney's Office. 

She made many unsuccessful attempts to move away from him in her seat and push his hand off her. 

The girl was travelling with her father who was seated nearby but had no idea what was unfolding - until she found a way to notify him secretly. 

She typed a message on her notes app explaining the situation and passed it to her friend in the row in front of her.

"Give my phone to my dad - ask dad if we can switch spots Cs [because] the old man keeps sexually touching me please," the note read according to Anchorage Daily News.  

After reading the message the horrified dad alerted plane staff who quickly separated Talaiasi from the girl. 

Alaska Airport Police were waiting as the plane touched down, and Talaiasi was detained and later arrested by the FBI. 

He was charged with abusive sexual contact with a female minor. 

In court documents obtained by Anchorage Daily News, Talaiasi acknowledged "having bad thoughts upon seeing the minor next to him, and described the devil tempting him".

"Talaiasi admitted that when he saw the victim crying, he started to feel guilty because he has an adult daughter of his own."

The incident happened last Monday and Talaiasi has been held in the Anchorage Correctional Complex.

If convicted he faces a maximum sentence of up to two years in prison, followed by five years to lifetime supervised release.