Millionaires who want higher taxes for the wealthy launch protests in front of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos' home

Millionaires who want higher taxes for the wealthy launch protests in front of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos' home
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US millionaires who want the wealthy to pay more in taxes are launching protests in New York and Washington D.C. on May 18. 

The protests held on the country's Tax Day will include mobile billboards that will make stops in front of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' homes in both cities.

The campaign is being organised by the group Patriotic Millionaires where members earn more than US$1 million or have assets worth more than US$5 million.  

Leaders of the nonpartisan organisation told the outlet they are putting together a group of 30 protestors to converge onto Bezos' New York home with a billboard stating "Cut the bull...Tax the rich". 

One of the other billboards being featured in the day-long campaign has the laughing faces of Bezos, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk and reads, "Tax me if you can". 

Another says, "Tax the rich. Save America. Yes, it really is that simple". 

It comes after US President Joe Biden and lawmakers from Democratic lawmakers proposed raising taxes on corporations and people who make more than US$400,000 to pay for their US$ 2 trillion infrastructure proposal. 

The President said he would like to increase the corporate tax from 25 to 28 percent and proposed hiking the top income tax rate from 37 to 39.6 percent. 

The Republican party has hit back at the proposal, saying it doesn't want to raise taxes to pay for infrastructure. Both parties are trying to come up with a bipartisan bill and claim they are making progress,' CNBC reported. 

But progressive millionaires are keen for billionaires like the Amazon CEO to pay more. 

Founder of Patriotic Millionaires Erica Payne said Bezos' extreme wealth means he should be paying more taxes. 

"Jeff Bezos is the poster child for total idiocy of the country's tax code."

Payne added the tycoon, who made his wealth in the tech industry, is in the middle of constructing a nearly 130-meter yacht that is likely to cost more than US$500 million. 

Forbes estimates the Amazon CEO has a net worth of US$185 billion and the New York Post reported in 2019 Bezos spent US$80 million on three New York apartments in the same building to create a "mega-home."

The outlet tried to contact Amazon but the company did not return a request for comment. However, Bezos has said he supports raising corporate taxes.

The Patriotic Millionaires favour Sen. Elizabeth Warren's ultra millionaires tax plan which, if put into place, would put a 2 percent annual tax on wealth over US$ 50 million and 3 percent for wealth more than the US $1 billion. 

Two other notable members of the Patriotic Millionaires include Abigail and Tim Disney, the two children of the late longtime Disney executive, Roy Disney. 

The Patriotic Millionaires chairman told the outlet the organisation will be campaigning for a wealth tax and other tax increase proposals throughout the day. 

The mobile billboards will make appearances at the residences and offices of several other notable Americans. 

They include Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's Washington residence and the offices of the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in New York City, and D.C.