Viral video captures two bees in Brazil unscrewing Fanta bottle cap

The bees visibly twist the cap twice.
The bees visibly twist the cap twice. Photo credit: ViralHog/YouTube

Two bees have been filmed working together to unscrew the cap on a bottle of Fanta.

The video was captured in São Paulo, Brazil, according to video licensor ViralHog. It quickly went viral with nearly half a million views and counting on YouTube while the Independent reports millions more on social media.

The cap's seal has already been broken and it appears loose, but the bees visibly twist it twice before pushing it off.

A woman's voice, apparently that of the filmer, can be heard speaking Portuguese and her caption of the video translates to: "Teamwork and everything".

She said: "The bees teamed up to steal my soda and they will do it. Look, so smooth."

The reaction online was both amazed and alarmed.

In the YouTube video's comments section, one user wrote: "Animals are so much smarter than they get credit for... bees are known for their teamwork, but I’ve never seen anything like this".

Another said: "So... this is what the beginning of the end looks like".