Watch: Elephants protect young calf in Israel as rocket sirens sound

A herd of Asian elephants has been captured shielding their young as rocket sirens rang out during the recent clashes between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

The Times of Israel reports the clip is from the Ramat Gan Safari in Tel Aviv, the largest collection of animals in the Middle East according to Tourist Israel.

In the video, rockets can be heard flying and explosions ring out. The elephants quickly herd together around Pele, a 14-month-old calf.

Guy Kfir, the head elephant keeper at the zoo, said "this is a natural behaviour". 

“Whenever they feel a threat, something going on, immediately they put the young in the middle and they circle them,” he said. "They make sure there is no danger coming".

"They also do this... when a female is giving birth".

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the group which rules the Gaza Strip, is currently holding.