Australians could soon fly with cabin pets on commercial flights

Rules banning pets in the cabin are being relaxed this year.
Rules banning pets in the cabin are being relaxed this year. Photo credit: Getty Images

Australian flyers could soon bring their furry friends with them in the cabin instead of checking them into the cargo hold.

The federal rules banning pets in the passenger deck are being relaxed, leaving it up to the airlines and more specifically, the pilot of each flight to give the OK or not.

7 News understands Australia's main airlines - Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and Rex - are expected to make announcements about whether they will allow pets or not before the rules come into effect on December 2.

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) does warn airlines if they give pets the OK they will have to follow some guidelines.

"When giving permission, you may need to consider the type of animal and how it is carried, contained and restrained; its reaction to noise and being out of its natural environment; nuisance to other passengers; distraction to flight crew; and how excrement or fluids will be contained," the new CASA rules state.

Currently, only guide dogs may enter the cabin with prior permission.