CCTV captures thief sneaking into disabled woman's house in middle of night

Police were able to track down and arrest the perpetrator within hours.
Police were able to track down and arrest the perpetrator within hours. Photo credit: Devon and Cornwall Police via Daily Mail screenshot

An elderly UK woman who is unable to move or speak has been targeted in the night by a burglar - but unbeknown to the thief the whole crime was caught on camera. 

Unable to escape her bed the 87-year-old victim watched on in horror as Dean Lennox, 40, crept into her bedroom in the early hours of May 20.

Lennox rummaged through the woman's home stealing jewellery,  £90 cash and her dead husband's wallet, reports the Daily Mail 

The woman is reliant on carers and family after a stroke left her unable to speak or move. She wasn't able to raise the alarm or yell for help - but luckily motion-activated cameras her family had installed were able to catch Lennox in the act.

Lennox noticed the cameras and made an attempt to turn them around, remove batteries and disconnect the devices but with no success. 

After selling his stolen items to a local jeweller, police were able to track down and arrest Lennox within hours. 

According to the Daily Mail, the woman broke down in tears as police arrived at her house, some of the items stolen were of sentimental value to her.

"We want this incident and the police's response to send a clear message to those who choose to target vulnerable people within our society, '' detective inspector Jennifer Rose told Daily Mail.

"We will go to great lengths to catch and convict those who commit these crimes."

All of the woman's items were recovered and Lennox was found guilty of burglary. He was sentenced to three years and four months in prison on June 21.