COVID-19: Australian cafe owner 'not feeling very well' as customer attacks him over QR code scanning

The owner of a New South Wales cafe is recovering after being violently attacked by a customer he asked to scan a COVID-19 QR code.

A 34-year-old man allegedly targeted Central Coast cafe owner Mostafa Jamalifard on Monday. He was left with bruising, cuts and a broken nose after being punched, 7 News reported.

Another person accompanying the man also reportedly bit a customer who attempted to step in and help.

"I'm not really feeling well," Jamalifard told 7 News the day after the attack. 

NSW deputy police commissioner Gary Worboys said the incident was "disgraceful".

"The owner trying to do the right thing [and] is then physically assaulted," he told a news briefing.

"People decided that it was up to them to make the choice as to whether they logged onto the QR code at a small restaurant, and a fight ensued - disgraceful behaviour."

Worboys said two people were arrested and charged following the incident.

"Unfortunately, these sorts of incidents still go on right across the state."

Scanning using NSW's COVID app is compulsory across the state.

Greater Sydney is currently in its fourth day of a two-week lockdown, sparked by a community COVID-19 outbreak which grew to 149 cases on Tuesday.