Fiji records four more COVID-19 deaths

The Fijian Government announced the deaths on Wednesday.
The Fijian Government announced the deaths on Wednesday. Photo credit: Getty Images; Newshub

There have been four more COVID-19 deaths in Fiji bringing the total number of deaths from the virus to 13.

The Fijian Government announced the deaths in a statement on Wednesday. 

"We can confirm four deaths today due to the virus. The first two deaths were announced yesterday as being under investigation to determine if they were caused by COVID-19." 

Two deaths on Tuesday have been confirmed to be caused by the virus. The first is a 57-year-old male who was initially admitted to hospital for a pre-existing non-COVID medical condition, but tested positive during his stay. 

The second was a 66-year-old female who was declared dead on arrival to the emergency department, a swab later confirming she had COVID-19.

The third death was a 66-year-old man who was admitted to hospital in "severe respiratory distress" and the fourth a 77-year-old female who had been admitted for a non-COVID condition. 

All patients died at the Colonial War Memorial (CWM) Hospital in Suva. 

The Fijian Government says there are currently nine severe cases of COVID-19 at the CWM hospital. They noted one of the patients is a "30-year-old with no pre-existing illness".

The country has now seen a total of 2270 cases,1643 of them active.