Islamic State bride Shamima Begum claims she doesn't 'need to be rehabilitated', says she was 'dumb kid'

The Islamic State bride who ditched the United Kingdom as a teenager to marry a Dutch jihadi says she was a "dumb kid who made one mistake" and claims she doesn't need to be rehabilitated as she pleads to be allowed back into Britain. 

Shamima Begum and two friends left the UK as a 15-year-old schoolgirl for a life with Islamic State. Four years later she was discovered living in a Syrian refugee camp, with her two children dead and her IS fighter husband nowhere to be seen. 

At the time, she pleaded to return to her home country with her third child. But the British Home Secretary at the time, Sajid Javid, revoked her citizenship and her child later died. Her lawyers have been fighting to let her back into the UK, but she's been ruled a security risk. 

Sporting a leather Nike baseball cap, white t-shirt and blue skinny jeans - a far cry from the traditional Islamic dress she has previously been pictured in - Begum has now spoken to journalist Andrew Drury for a new film called Danger Zone

"I wear these clothes, and I don't wear a hijab, because it makes me happy. And anything in this camp that makes me happy is like a lifesaver," British media quote her as saying from al-Roj prison camp in Syria.

Begum, who's into Kanye West and watching re-runs of Friends, told the journalist she doesn't believe she was a terrorist, but just a "dumb kid who made one mistake".

She continues to plead to be allowed back into the UK.

"Can I come home please, pretty please?" she said when asked if she had a message for the government.

"I personally don't think that I need to be rehabilitated, but I would want to help other people be rehabilitated. I would love to help."

Begum also spoke out in a documentary earlier this year. In it, she said the British government had made up stories to make her sound more dangerous than she actually is and has asked Brits to give her another chance. 

"I would say to the people in the UK to give me a second chance because I was still young when I left," Begum says. "I would ask that they put aside everything they've heard about me and just have an open mind about why I left and who I am now as a person."