Joe Biden confuses Syria with Libya in G7 senior moment

US President Joe Biden had a senior moment during the G7 summit on Sunday, confusing Syria with Libya three times.

The 78-year-old was discussing how the US could cooperate with Russia ahead of his meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

"We can work together with Russia, for example, in Libya," Biden stammered.

He repeated his mistake two more times during his speech.

"[Russia] have also bitten off some real problems they're going to have trouble chewing on for example in Syria, in Libya," he said later.

He then said he hopes the US can "save some lives" - again in Libya, rather than Syria. 

"I hope we can save the lives of people, for example, in Libya," 

The Independent reports his aides later confirmed he had meant Syria all three times, where Russia has been involved in a decade-long civil war

The gaffe comes as Biden prepares to hold his first meeting with Putin this week in Geneva.

Biden's wife Jill says he has been preparing for the talk intensely, spending his mornings throughout the G7 summit consulting with his aides.

"He's overprepared!" she is quoted as saying by Yahoo News. 

The talks will begin on Wednesday.