NSW police employee found guilty of indecently assaulting 13-year-old girl in lift

Warning: This article and the video above may be distressing.

An employee of the New South Wales (NSW) Police Force has been found guilty of the indecent assault of a teenage girl at a Sydney train station. 

Glenn Roche, 54, a former civilian employee in the force, assaulted the 13-year-old girl in July 2019, 7News reports.

The incident happened in a lift at a train station in Cabramatta after Roche spent the day sightseeing with his victim and her family. According to 7News, the two families had been getting to know each other. 

Footage obtained by 7News shows Roche chasing the girl into the lift and repeatedly groping her.

The teen managed to escape and told her mum what happened.

When he was interviewed by authorities, Roche argued his hands had "slid up her body" when the teen "slid to the ground". 

“My mind has gone off on a tangent like, this is a challenge - to me - I can get her and give her a kiss on the cheek like her two sisters and mum," Roche told police, according to the footage.

In court, he tried to persuade a magistrate that it had been a game.

But the girl told the court his actions were more than just an unwanted kiss, and Roche had squeezed her breast two times.

Roche admitted to police that his "hands slid across there… so there would have been some sort of contact without doubt".

However, he said there was "certainly no sexual gratification on my behalf".

“She contributed to that occurring by releasing her body weight and sliding through my hands," he said.

The court magistrate didn't accept Roche's explanation and found him guilty of indecent assault.

He will be sentenced in August.