Shocking bodycam footage shows Florida police caught in shootout with 12yo, 14yo kids

A 14-year-old girl is recovering from gunshot wounds and a 12-year-old boy has appeared in court after a shootout with police officers in Florida.

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office said the children shot at the deputies for more than 30 minutes on Tuesday night (local time) before the officers returned fire.

In body-camera footage, Florida Sergeant Donnie Maxwell can be seen taking cover behind a tree as the two children shoot at him from inside a house.

The pair had broken into the home after fleeing from a juvenile home northeast of Orlando, where they found several large guns, according to local media.

As police arrived at the scene, the two children opened fire.

"Let's not shoot these kids, man. Let's just hold 'em off, take our time," one of the deputies can be heard saying.

Another replied: "They're shooting at me."

Maxwell can be heard pleading to himself for a peaceful outcome.

"Don't make me do this. Don't make me do this."

After half-an-hour, the officers fired back. The 14-year-old was struck by a bullet after she exited the property holding a shotgun. 

After undergoing surgery, the teen is now in a stable condition. 

No one else was injured in the incident. 

The 12-year-old boy appeared in court on Thursday (local time) on a charge of armed burglary and attempted murder of law enforcement officers.

Florida United Methodist Church, the home that had fostered the children, has placed a moratorium on its Emergency Shelter Care programme for the next 30 days, according to its president and CEO, Kitwana McTyer.

In a statement, McTyer said the number of children being sent to the home for housing is "beyond the scope of our capabilities to provide the care required".