Spanish cannibal jailed for killing and eating his mother, feeding her to his dog

Alberto Sanchez Gomez and his pet dog
Alberto Sanchez Gomez and his pet dog Photo credit: Facebook

Warning: This article contains graphic details that may disturb some readers. 


A Spanish man has been jailed for more than 15 years after killing his mother and eating her remains with his dog. 

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, 28, was found guilty of strangling his mother Maria Soledad Gomez to death before dismembering her body and eating her during a two week trial at Madrid's Audiencia Provincial court in May. He was jailed for 15-years and five months at his sentencing on June 15. 

Gomez, who was arrested for the murder in February, has 12 previous arrests for mistreating his mother. 

When he was arrested he told police he had been eating his mother 'piece by piece', according to The Daily Mail. 

A police officer who gave evidence during the trial said he also gave pieces to his dog. 

"He began to tell us as he was being transferred to a police station that he had strangled her from behind.

"He also said he had eaten parts of her body, some cooked and some raw, and had given some pieces to the dog," the officer said. 

Detectives found body parts in plastic containers in his fridge. Her head, hands and heart were reportedly found on her bed.

The Daily Mail reports a prosecution indictment submitted to the court ahead of the trial detailed that the cannibal used a carpenter's saw and two kitchen knives to cut up his mother's body.

Gomez claimed he suffered a 'psychotic episode' when he murdered his mother but this was dismissed by the jury.