Trump's trousers: Internet divided over whether Donald Trump was wearing his pants backwards at rally

Footage of Donald Trump's seemingly zipper-less crotch has left the internet divided.
Footage of Donald Trump's seemingly zipper-less crotch has left the internet divided. Photo credit: Getty Images; Twitter / @BFriedmanDC

Footage of Donald Trump's crotch where his trousers appeared to have no zipper has sent social media into a frenzy, with many believing he was wearing his pants backwards. 

The former US President was delivering a speech on Sunday in Greenville, North Carolina, at the state's Republican Party convention when the odd clip was caught.

Trump's pants are wrinkled and gaping around the front of his thighs and there doesn't appear to be a fly or zipper, rather a seam.

New York Daily News columnist Brandon Friedman posted the clip to Twitter saying: "Others are noting this but it can't be shared enough. Donald Trump gave his big speech today with his pants on backwards. Look close and tell me I'm wrong."

Friedman then followed up saying he would be "so mad" if the video turned out to be fake. 

Social media went wild trying to figure out why the former president's pants looked so odd, some suggesting it had something to do with incontinence. 

"His pants aren't backwards. His tailor made him pull-up trousers to match the jacket, they're held up with an elastic waist and/or suspenders," one Twitter explained. 

Another quickly replying: "In other words, it looks like he is struggling with incontinence and needs to get his pants down quick." 

"Re: Trump's trousers: they're tailored elastic-waist trousers to facilitate his nappy, and yes he has them on backwards (hence the bad fit).  

"He didn't obviously crap himself on stage, so presumably that's a 'win' for him," another added. 

Trump supporters quickly jumped to the defence, claiming the clip has been edited. 

"I can't believe how many leftist morons, namely @ProjectLincoln, fell for the horribly photoshopped pic of Trump's pants," conservative commentator John Cardillo said to Twitter. 

While online discourse over the zipper continues, fact-checking website Snopes has declared Trump did not wear his trousers backwards. 

They say while low-quality footage shared to social media seems to show no visible fly, several high-resolution images and clips tell a different story. 

"A video posted by C-SPAN of the 90-minute speech also showed the former president wearing pants the right way. As such, we rate this claim as 'False'," the site reads.