US dog flung through car window found two days later herding sheep

Tilly the two-year-old border collie and red heeler mix was found in a nearby paddock.
Tilly the two-year-old border collie and red heeler mix was found in a nearby paddock. Photo credit: Facebook - Linda Oswald; Getty Images

A dog who went missing after he flew out of a car window during a crash has been found two days later on a farm herding sheep. 

Linda Oswald and her family were travelling through the US state of Idaho on June 6 when they collided with another car, reports local news outlet The Spokesman-Review. 

Their two-year-old border collie and red heeler mix, Tilly, was sitting in the back of the vehicle at the time of the crash and was ejected out of his seat and flung through the rear window. 

An unharmed but frightened Tilly didn't stick around following the crash. He was last seen fleeing through a nearby paddock. 

The Oswalds, who also came out unscathed, spent 10 hours searching for Tilly. Linda told The Spokesman-Review helpful strangers were out looking for Tilly until 2:30am. 

The first day of searching proved unsuccessful so the family turned to Facebook to help raise awareness of their beloved missing pup. 

More than 3000 people shared the post, which included a photo and description of Tilly. 

Two days later, local farmer Zane Potter found Tilly roaming around on his property, which was around 2.4km from the crash site. Potter knew it was Tilly thanks to the widely shared Facebook post. 

He told The Spokesman-Review he thinks Tilly was trying to herd his sheep and had successfully chased a few out the gate. 

Linda wasn't surprised he was drawn to the sheep. 

"He'll herd anything," she said. "When I go to the dog park, he tries to herd the people into one group."

The Oswalds were reunited with Tilly on the morning of June 8, and Linda says Tilly "was not having it". 

"I think he was a little upset - like, 'hey, you guys left me out on that prairie for 48 hours'."

Tilly spent the rest of his day eating, drinking, sleeping and relaxing. 

Linda said she was extremely grateful for the community who banded together to find Tilly in what was an emotional time for her and her family.

"I just cried every day. It was ridiculous, but you get so emotional over your pets."