US sisters, 9 and 4, steal parents' car, crash on way to 'swim with dolphins' in California

The girls collided with a semi-truck head-on.
The girls collided with a semi-truck head-on. Photo credit: West Valley City Police

A Utah nine-year-old and her four-year-old sister stole their parents' car and crashed it after driving 16km in an attempt to "swim with dolphins" off the coast of California.

The two girls woke up at 3am and snuck out of their home in West Jordan through the basement, local police told ABC4 Utah

They took the keys to their parent's Chevrolet Malibu, ironically named after the iconic California beach, and the nine-year-old started to drive.

After they sideswiped another car, the driver of a semi-truck called police and began to follow the Malibu believing its driver was impaired, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

When the car then collided with his truck in West Valley City, the driver was horrified to see a child behind the wheel.

“They talked about going to California to swim with dolphins and go to the beach", West Jordan Detective Scott List told ABC4 Utah.

"The parents were very shocked to find their kids were gone."

Danielle LeBlanc, a bus driver whose route took her past the scene of the crash, told ABC4 Utah she "saw the car and the whole front end was gone."

"Then I looked over again and I saw two little girls in the front seat."

Nobody was injured in the collisions, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

To reach the ocean, they would have had to drive at least another 1120km.