Viral video of man 'tickling' stingray sparks outrage online

Stingray getting tickled in viral video
Stingray getting tickled in viral video Photo credit: mafishguy Tiktok

A viral video has become the epicentre of the latest animal abuse outrage online.

A TikTok user called mafishguy posted a video last week of him tickling an upside-down stingray on the side of his boat.

Wearing a glove, you can see the TikToker pushing his fingers on the stomach of the animal and wriggling them around.

The stingray's face opens up resembling a squeal and it wraps its fins around his hand.

While the TikToker tries to portray the ray as laughing and enjoying being tickled, users were quick to make the video go viral commenting how inhumane it is.

One person wrote: "Poor thing is suffocating and suffering for your TikTok video. I hope you at least put it back in the water at the end."

The video has over 96 million views and 229,000 comments.

Mafishguy hasn't responded to any of the backlash and has kept the video up.