Wonky-eyed cat that always looks startled takes Instagram by storm

Fedya the cat & friend Handsome
Fedya the cat & friend Handsome Photo credit: Natalia Zhdanova Instagram

A cat found with misaligned eyes has gained thousands of social media followers for constantly looking startled.

Nearly two years ago, Fedya was found weak and sick in Russian woman Natalia Zhdanova's backyard, who quickly noticed his eyes and back legs were wonky, Metro UK reports

The reason for Fedya's unusual appearance is unclear, but is suspected to be for either genetic reasons, or being dropped as a newborn. 

Fedya was on his deathbed when Zhdanova found him in the garden, but nursed him back to health with the help of an unlikely hero. The neighbour's cat, Handsome, also noticed the poor kitten and came to his aid by licking and cleaning him. 

Every day Fedya got stronger, and every day Handsome would come over to the house to help bring Fedya back to life. Over time Fedya grew healthier, and is now a 21-month-old.

Zhdanova told Metro that Handsome has become "a father figure" to Fedya. "They are the best of friends."

The cause of his startled expression hasn't been explained by vets, but has attracted thousands of followers on Instagram.