Australian icon Will 'Eggboy' Connolly blasted for posting COVID-19 misinformation on social media

Australian icon 'Eggboy' has fallen from grace after being flagged for posting COVID-19 misinformation on Instagram.

Will Connolly rose to fame in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack after he egged Australian senator Fraser Anning for his racist comments blaming Muslims for the terrorist attack.

On Tuesday Connolly posted a series of images on his account claiming the COVID-19 PCR test isn't accurate.

The images were swiftly flagged as being false and hidden behind a filter.

One of the claims posted by Connolly said the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) is ditching PCR tests as they can't tell the difference between COVID-19 and the flu.

This is based on an announcement from the CDC that it will eventually discontinue PCR tests as newer, more effective tests are developed. 

However, the PCR test still works and is still in use. 

Connolly's Instagram followers were displeased with his post, calling him out in the comments for spreading misinformation.

"When your mind is so open your brain falls out," one person wrote.

Another said Connolly's "fall from 15 minutes of fame grace" was "extraordinary".

In a follow-up video on Wednesday Connolly addressed the backlash, denying being a "fascist, COVID-19 denier, or an anti-vaxxer".

"I'll give you my opinion on COVID right now - obviously something is going on there people are dying and it's really sad and my heart goes out to them but I don't agree with the media portrayal of it. The fear-mongering, keeping everyone scared."

He then seemed to suggest the media should be putting out health pamphlets on how to boost your immune response by taking vitamin C, and get extra dopamine by hugging people and going on walks outside. 

Comments on this video were also displeased, urging Connolly to "have a think about this".

"You wouldn't have to justify yourself if you didn't share misinformation. Think before you post."