COVID-19: 21 Kiwis in Australia self-isolating after crossing paths with positive Delta strain case

Twenty-one New Zealanders are self-isolating for a fortnight after crossing paths with someone infectious with the COVID-19 Delta strain in Australia. 

The Ministry of Health says that so far, all but four have returned negative tests. 

It comes as Victoria health officials kept the entire state in lockdown beyond the five days, but won't say for how long. 

Inside a Melbourne pub, 404 patriotic and passionate fans gathered to watch the Euro final eight days ago, but now they are quietly isolating at home because among them was someone who was later diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Victoria's chief health officer Brett Sutton confirmed the man had caught the virus at the Melbourne Cricket Ground a day earlier. 

"We are seeing transmission between strangers including those who didn't sit near each other, including people who sat outside for their entire time," he said.

Another crowd of concern is those who were at gate seven at the Wallabies match with at least one case confirmed so far.

On day four of its lockdown Melbourne recorded 13 new cases, only one was isolating at home. 

Victoria's Premier Dan Andrews said "this is by no means over". 

"We are running alongside this virus but we are not in front of it." 

Andrews said the state needs more time. 

"What we know with Delta, an hour is like a day and a day is like a week... we will not be ready to lift this lockdown tomorrow night."

The virus is still rapidly spreading in Sydney even as its lockdown nears the one-month mark. 

Among the lockdown entertainment a comedian, dubbed "the TikTok guy" has been accurately predicting the numbers the night before - until Monday.

But what no one can pick is if the lockdown will end next Friday. 

Help is on its way - Australia's largest injection of vaccine supply to date landed overnight on a DHL plane. 

One million Pfizer doses will be arriving once a week, every week from now on.