Fears Sydney's lockdown could be extended for another six weeks as frustration mounts

Sydney's lockdown could be extended for another six weeks.

New South Wales is wrestling with a deadly outbreak of the Delta strain of COVID-19, but Sydney is growing increasingly angry the lockdown isn't coming to an end. 

On Monday NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said she would announce whether the city's lockdown would be extended or not "in the next few days".

But she wouldn't reveal if a rumoured mid-September end date is true - that would mean another six weeks.

"These are difficult times and everyone has an opinion," she said.

As the state continues to battle to bring the outbreak under control, the state's chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant said much more work still needed to be done.

"With the Delta variant you don't have much leeway," he said.

"I think with that challenge our approach needs to align with that."

And there's still no sign they're winning the war, with 145 new community cases announced on Monday.

Despite the risks posed by the outbreak, many in the city have expressed frustration over the ongoing restrictions, with thousands taking to the streets of Sydney to protest over the weekend.

At the same time, 38-year-old Adriana Takana's family said their final goodbye as she took her final breath - the eighth fatality in the city's current outbreak.