Washington DC shooting: People filmed running for lives amid reports of multiple people shot

People have been filmed running for their lives after a gunman opened fire on one of Washington DC's busiest streets.

The shooting has left multiple people injured, but no arrests have yet been made. Police are now investigating the shooting and say they know of two men who were shot - one in the arm and the other in the chest.

Video from CNN journalist Jim Acosta from shows people on Northwest 14th Street sprinting from the scene at about 8:15pm on Thursday (local time) as gunshots ring out in the background.

A law enforcement source familiar with the case told CBS the shooting appears to be targeted and not random. 

Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic, who was at the scene, says about 20 to 30 gunshots rang out, sending people seated at nearby restaurants running.

Bobic says one of the injured was in a Mexican restaurant. A witness also told him they saw a person in a black sedan shooting out onto a footpath.

CNN's Kaitlan Collins says she watched the gunman shoot at someone multiple times.

CBS reports police are on the lookout for the black sedan in question and a man wearing a lime green and yellow hooded sweater.