British girl who 'smacked a lad' after she was 'sexually assaulted' in nightclub praised on social media

A young woman has been praised after she "smacked a lad" after she was "sexually assaulted" in a British nightclub. 

Harriet Bowley tweeted she was 'groped' on the dance floor of an unnamed club, before lashing out in self-defence. 

Bowley tweeted: "I smacked a lad last night who sexually assaulted me in the club, and he looked genuinely furious and shocked? Normalise girls standing up for themselves when they get groped wtf.

"So it's absolutely fine for you, as a stranger, to touch me up without consent but not ok for me to touch you in self defence? Okkkk.

"Also the best part about this is I was literally wearing a massive jumper round my waist so wasn't wearing anything 'revealing' at all, before any idiots start to try justify groping strangers in clubs."

The tweet had been liked over 24,000 times and been retweeted on nearly 2000 occasions, while people have been quick to leap to the defence of the young girl. 

One said on Twitter: "He deserved way more than a slap but well done for standing up for yourself."

Another said: "A guy grabbed my bum once, I turned around and yelled at him. He started squaring up to me and I was like what is your problem, you assaulted me and now you wanna beat me up for calling you on it." 

Although the majority supported Harriet's actions, one person caused an uproar after tweeting: "If you maybe get dressed a little more. Instead of walking around all naked [sic]."

One person responded, "Maybe learn what consent is. It isn't an outfit", while another added: "I highly doubt she was naked, and even if she was it wouldn't be an excuse.

"If men aren't able to control themselves and keep their hands off women without consent then they have no place being anywhere near society."