NSW facing compliance problem as COVID-19 cases surge

Australia is facing a growing compliance problem as more and more people refuse to follow government health orders. 

In the last 24 hours, there has been another protest, an infectious man on the run from the police and a church service that racked up $30,000 in fines.

Maskless protestors, led by a man on a horse, went on a protest for freedom on the border to a COVID-free Queensland.

In another act of defiance, this time on the streets of Coolangatta, more people clashed with police. 

At night, police found more trouble. Blacktown is the worst-hit suburb in Sydney, but 60 people were caught on the first night of the curfew attending a church service. 

"Sixty people, no masks or anything," one Sydney resident said.

"Come on man, we've got to get out of here somehow, we've got to stop this so we can go back to normal." 

The end is still far off.

"There were 818 new cases of community transmission," New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said on Monday.

Hospitals are overwhelmed with more than 500 admissions, with the overall cluster at 13,000.

One of those a maskless man was last seen coughing sick with COVID on camera in an elevator. 

Anthony Karam is on the run from the police and has been for several days. 

The community is sacrificing more and more each day. After one last roaring trade the retail goliath Bunnings switched to online orders only as state leaders turn their attention away from the daily case numbers 

"The number we really need to focus on is the vaccination rate," Berejiklian says. "Last week in NSW, a record 738,000 people got vaccinated."

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