Anti-vaxxers reportedly attack two women and their children in Melbourne

This man and woman allegedly assaulted the two women and their daughters.
This man and woman allegedly assaulted the two women and their daughters. Photo credit: Image - Victoria Police

Two mothers and their daughters have allegedly been assaulted by anti-vaxxers in Melbourne. 

The women, aged 43 and 51, were enjoying a picnic at a park in Melbourne's east with their two 12-year-old daughters when police say they were attacked on Thursday.

"A man and woman and up to five children believed to be aged between eight and 15 arrived at the park and began swearing at the 12-year-old girls and removing QR codes from the park fencing," Victoria Police said. 

When one of the mothers tried to de-escalate the situation, she was verbally abused according to police. 

Her friend tried to provide assistance but police said one of the girls began kicking at her and tried to remove her mask. 

The 51-year-old told 9 News the group mocked her for being "afraid of a cold" and they tried to cough on her. 

"They should be ashamed - they can have their views but they don't need to force them or attack people that share different views," she said.

The man - who was also holding an aggressive dog - put the 51-year-old in a headlock and allegedly dragged her to the ground before the group began kicking her.

"Two males came to the aid of the victims but were threatened by the male holding the dog," police said.

"He verbally threatened the men before setting the dog on to them which resulted in both males being bitten on the hand by the dog." 

The group then fled the park and were seen heading towards the vicinity of Grosvenor Street and Rialton Avenue, police said.

The incident left four adults requiring medical attention while the two 12-year-olds were not physically injured.