World reacts to NZ Police busting gang associates with 'car boot-full of KFC' at Auckland border

Surely by now you will have heard about the two gang associates who attempted to enter Auckland with $100,000 in cash and a "car boot-full of KFC" on Sunday.

Officers patrolling the back roads near the region's southern boundary had noticed a suspicious-looking vehicle which, upon the driver seeing police, did a U-turn and tried to speed off.

After eventually being pulled over, police discovered the occupants had come from Hamilton without an exemption and searched the vehicle, finding the cash, empty ounce bags and "a large amount of takeaways".

Naturally, the story blew up fast thanks in large part to officers' photos of the KFC, which appeared to have been staged in such a way to make it look like they'd just made a major drug bust.

World reacts to NZ Police busting gang associates with 'car boot-full of KFC' at Auckland border
Photo credit: Supplied / NZ Police

This made it the perfect fodder for meme creators and international media, who lapped up the story. The likes of CNN, the Guardian, AJ+, the New York Post, 9 News Australia and the Mirror all covered it.

"A close inspection revealed their haul included three buckets of chicken, as many as 10 tubs of coleslaw and numerous boxes of fries," the Mirror wrote.

And it also warranted a mention by late-night host Jimmy Fallon - although as often happens, he seemed to confuse us with our trans-Tasman neighbours.

"In Australia, two men were arrested after they were caught crossing the border with $100,000 cash and a trunk full of KFC.

"Say what you want, but that cash will never not smell like fried chicken," he quipped on Monday night's show (local time).

Others pointed out the story appears to have incredible symmetry with the plot of South Park episode 'Medicinal Fried Chicken', which also centres on illicit KFC smuggling.

In the Season 14 episode, Cartman gets involved in the black market selling the colonel's chicken after the South Park KFC is replaced with a medical marijuana dispensary.

Both men involved in the real-life KFC incident, aged 23 and 30, were summoned to appear in court for breaching the Health Order, with further charges likely. 

It's understood the KFC was discarded by police.