The AM Show hosts left speechless by footage of North Korean soldiers smashing bricks with heads, jumping over cars

The AM Show hosts have been shocked by video footage showing North Korean soldiers smashing bricks with their heads and jumping over cars.

The military put on the exhibition display in Pyongyang for their leader Kim Jong Un on Monday, which was aired by North Korean state media, BBC reported.

Soldiers can be seen breaking blocks of material by slamming a sledgehammer down onto another soldier's fist which goes through the block.

They are also seen kicking blocks and breaking through them with their heads.

One man breaks out of shackles, lies down on a bed of broken glass, before other soldiers break a cement block on his chest.

Other footage shows soldiers diving over cars while Kim and other high ranking officials clap.

"How practical are a lot of those moves?" The AM Show host Ryan Bridge questioned on Thursday morning after showing the clips.

"Running headfirst into a brick wall - when would you actually want to do that or need to do that? You're not actually going to get through it are you?"

News presenter Amanda Gillies said it was like Kim was "at the circus".

"It makes you wonder what they get up to there if those are the sort of pre-emptive exercises they have to do," she said.

According to The Independent, state media said the display was to show the country's enemies that its soldiers have an "iron fist" to protect their country.

It comes after Kim said he planned to make North Korea's military "invincible".