Coronavirus: Victorian child becomes youngest person to die with COVID-19 in Australia

A Victorian child has become the youngest person to die with COVID-19 in Australia. 

Health authorities in Victoria reported the child's death, who is under the age of 10-year-old, on Saturday. It was one of five COVID related deaths in the state.

"The child aged under 10 years, who died with COVID-19, also had other serious comorbidities," the department says.

It wasn't specified what the exact age of the child was, or the extent of their other conditions.

Australia had previously recorded one death in the age range between 10-19 but none below the age of 10. 

Osama Suduh, 15, from south-west Sydney was the youngest known person in Australia to die with the virus previously. 

The teenager from south-west Sydney died in August after contracting pneumococcal meningitis and while he was also COVID-positive, it was not the reason for his hospitalisation or death.

The death comes after Victoria recorded another 1166 new COVID cases on Saturday. The state currently has 312 people in hospital; 55 in intensive care and 24 on a ventilator. 

Victoria's has seen 453 people die from the virus.