Five children killed in tragic bouncy castle accident named

The five children killed in a tragic bouncy castle accident have been named. 

The Year 5 and 6 students died after a sudden wind gust lifted the castle 10m into the air at Devonport’s Hillcrest Primary School on Thursday.

Several other students were also critically injured. 

The children are: Addison Stewart, 11, Zane Mellor, 12, Jye Sheehan, 12, Jalailah Jayne-Maree Jones, 12, and Peter Dodt, 12.

“Our thoughts continue to be with the families, loved ones and all those affected by this tragedy,” police said.

 Emergency services, including several helicopters, responded to the incident at around 10am on Thursday (local time) at the Hillcrest Primary School in Devonport.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison described the freak accident as "shattering and heartbreaking".

"Young children on a fun day out, together with their families and it turns to such horrific tragedy at this time of year. It just breaks your heart," Morrison told reporters.

Devonport Mayor Annette Rockliff told Channel 10 the community is struggling to come to terms with the accident. 

"To be honest, we're all still in shock, struggling to come to terms with the accident. We're trying to take care of each other but struggling to get our head around it," she told Channel 10.

"I met all those children last week, I was in their classroom for an hour or so, so it's pretty tough to think about that.

"I understand there were at least 70 ambulance workers on site. They're all members of our community. Many of them have children."