Boris Johnson look-alikes party outside Downing Street to insult UK Prime Minister

A group of impersonators dressed as Boris Johnson have turned up outside Downing Street to make fun of the UK Prime Minister who is under mounting pressure for holding parties during lockdown at No.10. 

A video circulating on social media has captured the moment a group of around 50 people turned up to the Downing Street gates on Friday (local time) dressed in suits with a Johnson mask and wigs of his traditional blond messy hair. 

Blogger JaackMaate organized the party stunt and posted the picture of the Boris look-alikes on his Instagram page with the caption: "I hired 100 Boris Johnson's and threw a party outside Downing Street." 

The group gathered at the gates chanting "Boris loves a party, la la la la", before they all huddled together and took a selfie in front of the police. 

The group - with many of them waving bottles of wine - then started pumping their anthem 'My Name is Boris' produced by Alfie Indra through a boom box to replicate a party. 

The crowd were seen chanting "this is a work event", about Johnson's excuse for having attended an earlier party on May 20 2020. 

The bunch of Johnson look-alikes were also seen in Trafalgar Square and on the London underground earlier in the day on their way to the protest.

The UK Prime Minister is under mounting pressure and there have been calls for him to resign after several parties at No.10. 

A poll for the Independent Newspaper found 70 percent of voters want him gone and almost as many don't think his apology for lockdown parties is sincere.

Earlier this week, Johnson was forced to apologize for attending a 'bring your own booze' gathering at his official residence during the country's first coronavirus lockdown.

He admitted for the first time that he had attended the party at 10 Downing St on May 20, 2020, when COVID-19 rules limited social gatherings to a bare minimum and said he understood the public anger the revelations had caused.

Boris Johnson's office has also been forced to apologize to the Royal Family for holding staff parties in Downing Street on the eve of Prince Philip's funeral last year.

The Prime Minister's office held parties farewelling staff that involved late-night drinking and dancing on April 16, 2021, the day before the Queen was forced to sit alone at her husband's funeral because of COVID restrictions. 

Johnson's spokesman Jamie Davies said that it was "deeply regrettable" that the party took place. 

"It's deeply regrettable that this took place at a time of national mourning and No. 10 has apologised to the palace," he said.

Johnson's office denied that the Prime Minister attended the party on April 16 and said he was unaware gatherings were planned. 

Johnson was also forced to deny that he broke lockdown rules when photos emerged of him and more than a dozen of his staff drinking wine and eating cheese in the garden of his Downing Street office.  

"Those were people at work talking about work," Johnson told broadcasters when asked about the picture and whether he understood why people were angry and might now be less likely to follow future government restrictions.